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he’s illegal

「君に感謝を」/「bbirdd」\\\ EDIT
君に感謝を」/「bbirdd」\\\ EDIT 


Rin Matsuoka  ☆

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hhirari asked ⤖ Haikyuu or Love Stage / anonymous asked Love Stage or Free

Barakamon ep 11 - Sensei x Suit
Their desperate hope was ridiculously crushed like a worm. 

Superficial, cruel, revolting.

Isn't it even more demonic than a demon?

Never give up このまま 走らせてくれよ

[Never give up, let’s just continue to run towards the end]


my favourite thing about kingdom hearts is the fact that winnie the pooh and sephiroth from ff7 existed in the same universe like jsut remembering that there is a game that has both winnie the pooh and sephiroth in it is enough to get me through an entire day